It’s All About the Service!

photo 3Through the years I have seen much, and experienced even more. Not all telecom system integrators provide the level of service that they should – or even in some cases – could. There truly is something that needs to, and must happen after the sale. At TelNet of Virginia, Inc., our mission is simply to “Exceed” your expectations. This can only be done by truly understanding your needs, business goals, and how our products and services fit into that equation. After this understanding is established, then we can mobilize our highly experienced team to implement and deploy our products and services into your business to provide the infrastructure and communication platforms that allow you to exceed your customers expectations. TelNet continues to takeĀ ground a leading telecommunications equipment and infrastructure provider.

I encourage and welcome all communications from prospects, partners and clients in respect to how we can continue to serve your business at the highest level possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly, or one of our highly motivated team members, on any questions or matters you may wish to discuss.

All of us here at TelNet thank you for entrusting us with the most important component in communicating and providing the products and services to your clients.


With Regards,


Michael Howard, President/Founder